Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nice, France

April 26-28 2008
Nice was Nice, and I had a really good time, taking in the sun and enjoying the weather!

Day 1
Victoria and I left for Nice on Saturday at 11:50am. We had a direct flight from Dusseldorf to Nice. Once we arrived we caught the bus into the city centre. The bus ride was along the beach, which made us want to be outside, instead of on the stuffy bus! While on the bus, we were map-less, direction-less and clue-less! We were already later than we thought we would be to check into the hotel. We got off the bus at the wrong time, making us even later to check in. Once we got our bearings and found the hotel it was too late to check in because the lady had already left. She left a note saying she wouldn’t be back until 5:30, which meant we had to lug our luggage around the city! Despite that, we had a good time, we had lunch at this place on the main strip of stores then headed to the beach. We played cards while sitting on the ledge looking out to the beach. It was really nice to just sit and relax, which was the main goal of the whole weekend! After 7 we were finally checked in, rested and ready to go out and find dinner. We walked down the popular “restaurant” street, and had a nice dinner at a restaurant that was suggested by the hotel lady! We played more cards outside then went to our room.

Day 2
Upon arriving we had declared that the second day of our trip would be spent on the beach. We woke up around 9, and went out in search of breakfast. We ate at this cute little restaurant, just off the boardwalk. After breakfast we went back to the hotel to change and grab our beach stuff, then hit the beach. There were a lot of people out there tanning without tops on! I was really tempted to try but there were too many children around and I felt weird!! Oh well, maybe some other time! Anyway, the sun was shining and we were soaking it up, living the dream!! After a while though I started to fidget, it is really hard for me to sit out in the sun for too long. I felt like I was burning. So we got up and started playing volleyball! It was a nice break from just laying. After that we went to the water to test it out and it turned out to be freezing. I did not go in however; because I’m not a big fan of oceans especially ones that are freezing! After being outside for 4 hours or so, I declared it was time to go inside! It’s a good thing I did too, because I was burnt! We watched a movie, then changed and went for a walk, took some pictures then went to find dinner. We went to another restaurant in the area that was supposed to be good. It was good, although we couldn’t read anything on the menu! We went back to our room, showered, repacked, relaxed, and then went to bed.

Day 3
We once again woke up early. We went for breakfast, but this time at a grocery store! We had sandwiches and juice and it was amazing. We ate it along the boardwalk, and played cards, while enjoying our last day in Nice. After breakfast we went for a walk and did some shopping, but didn’t really buy anything. We want back to the hotel checked out and then walked to our bus. We were getting a little worried because the bus wasn’t coming to the stop we were standing at. So we had to walk to the main station, where we found the bus and got on. The ride to the airport is short and we had plenty of time before our flight was supposed to leave. We got back to Germany around 7pm. It was a really great trip, very relaxing!

Nice was a 4. Pretty, multicultural and great weather, what more can you ask for?