Thursday, January 8, 2009

Peace Corps Intro

My Adventures as a Peace Corps Volunteer!

I will be starting a new adventure this year as a Peace Corps Volunteer!!!

Where: Nicaragua, Central America. (I may live in a small town or big city, depending on need!)

When: Official Service: August 1, 2009- July 31st, 2011 (I leave home on May 12, 2009 for staging, then I leave the states on the May 13 for a 10 week training program in Nicaragua, before service starts.)

What: Program: Small Business Development Job: Small Business Educator/Advisor. (I will be teaching business at a high school or secondary school.  I will also be giving lectures to local business owners and providing advice as well as technical training and support. Furthermore, I will work with university students to provide mentors for my high school students. I will also be working with business owners to create internships for students interested in business as a career. and much more!)

How: Main mode of transport will depend on my location it could be by bike, on foot, bus, or even by horse (which would be sweet)! I will teach business in Spanish... AHHHH. I am very excited to be able to help people, while putting my education to good use and learning another language! It is similar to most jobs, I work 9-5 (theatrically), 7 days a week, have vacation, get paid (through living expenses), but it will be hands on and the daily work will vary!

Visiting: Anyone is welcome to come and visit me. I will put you to work and show you what I have learned about the country and people. If you are thinking of visiting, it would have to be after the end of September 2009. But we can discuss that when the time comes!!!

For more information about the Peace Corps go to .

Change of plans again! I was initially suppose to be going to Madagascar in February 2009, however it was delayed a month until March 9th. Now however, it has been cancelled due to political differences within the country. I have been re-assigned to Nicaragua, which I am very excited about!

 I will keep everyone up-to-date as best as possible while serving. I will send out another letter to friends and family, with Nicaragua information in it!. If you do have anymore questions please feel free to email me.

Wish me luck and come and visit!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Recap!

Another year of amazing adventures and travels has gone by. I went to 33 countries this year, which is 20 more than last year!! I had an amazing time in Germany and living in Europe. Once again I was lucky to be able to travel as much as I did. Its good to be back in the States though! I hope 2009 brings as much excitement as 2008 did. I'm sure that will happen since I will be in Madagascar serving as a Peace Corp Volunteer. I will keep everyone updated during my service, so keep coming to this blog to stay updated!!
Thank You 2008! Welcome 2009!