Tuesday, May 6, 2008


May 1st, 2008
Luxembourg is very interesting, it is built on valleys and ravines.
Day Trip
I decided that since I had not been to Luxembourg yet I would just make it a day trip. It is quite expensive to stay the night and it was only 4 hours away so it’s worth it. It’s funny because Mexico is so close to me in Arizona, but I don’t just drive 4 hours there and back for the day!! Anyway I took a train first thing in the morning and Jessica met up with me on the train. We got to Luxembourg at around 12. We walked around taking in the city, which was disserted, because of the holiday. We had a map that we got from the tourist info center. Luxembourg was crazy because it has many ravines, and valleys. Then they just built on hills and on the valley floors and it all came together nicely. We eventually become hungry, so we looked around for a good, cheap restaurant. Those are non existent in Luxembourg, well the cheap part. So we agreed on Mexican food. It was pretty good. So after lunch we just wondered around, coming across this little outdoor festival. We watched this band with dancers for a while. Then I bought some traditional Luxembourg cake and then headed back to the train station. It rained off and on a little, but it was sunnier than I thought it would be. Anyway I got back home around 6pm

Luxembourg is small but very pretty, on a sunny nice day luxembourg is a 3!