Monday, October 25, 2010

South America Day 7: What A Great Decision

Tena to Banos
Oct 18, 2010
South American Travels

We woke up farily early, still tired. We were suppose to meet the girls we met the night before for breakfest. We got ready and headed over to thier hostel. We had a lovely breakfest. After telling the girls that we decided to leave, we all went to our hostel so they could book their jungle tour. They left to pack and we went to get some supplies for the bus ride. When we got back it was about the time need to leave so we could also do a video. We left the hostel looking like pack muels and headed for the bus station. Oh by the way our hostel guy gave us direction to go straight and you can´t miss it. You will see the busses he says! YEAH RIGHT. We walked about 10 minutes too far and had to take a taxi to the station or we would have missed the bus.
The bus ride could have been better, but ofcourse there weren´t any bathrooms and they didn´t stop. The bus ride was right at my limit for holding it. I probably could hold it longer if it was so crazy bumpy! Anyway we made it there at around 2pm or so. We didn´t know where the hostel, that they ladies recomended, was so we just started walking and asked along the way. When we finally got to the hostel we were disappointed because it was expensive. We couldn´t afford anything like that so we had to keep walking!
We stumbled upon a hostel that was much for affordable but still nice.

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